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Sunset Maple Kitchen Cabinets

Sunset Maple is the latest addition to our RTA Kitchen Cabinet line. The Sunset Maple Cabinets feature the same arched doors that you find on the Oak and Ginger, but it adds the warm, rich color of a cherry finish. The Sunset Maple line is perfect for a kitchen where you don't want the dark chocolate color of the Chestnut Maple, but you are looking for something a bit darker than the Ginger.


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Cost for a 10x10 Kitchen: $1120.57

  • Doors and face frames are made from solid Maple
  • Solid plywood cabinet box 
  • No Particle Board is used anywhere in their construction
  • Raised panel doors with four molded sides
  • Each cabinet piece is shipped complete in the box, ready to assemble
  • Only a screw driver is needed to complete the assembly
  • Sunset Maple finish
  • Euro Epoxy drawer slides
  • Concealed European hinges
  • Drawer boxes with 1/2" all wood sides and back stained to match the color of the cabinets

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