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As a direct importer, we are confident that we can offer the lowest prices for kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities on the world wide web.  If you get a quote, with shipping included, of the exact same cabinets on the internet, we will not only match that price but we will beat it.

Unfortunately we have had some people stretch the truth in order to save a few dollars so we were forced to come up with a set of guidelines.

1. The quote must be for the same exact cabinets and must be delivered to the same exact location.

2. The quote must be directly from the company and have their name on it.  We accept print outs of shopping carts, a PDF copy of the quote or a forward of the e-mail as long as it includes the name of the individual who quoted you.  We will call to confirm each quote and we DO NOT accept verbal quotes.

3. The quote must contain a complete list of the cabinets, price of each cabinet and the shipping charges.


All inquires can be sent to steve@rtakitchencabinetsforless.com.  We have the right to refuse any quote comparison that we deem to be fraudulant or incomplete. We reserve the right to confirm the authenticity of all quotes that are submitted. The guarantee can not be combined with any special pricing or promotions that are currently in place. Guarantee does not apply to any closeout or overstock deals that another distributor may be offering on a limited basis. Since some distributors offer a lower price and add margin into the shipping costs, the lower price must be a combination of the cost of the cabinets and shipping charges. The terms of shipping have to be noted so that a direct comparison can be provided (For example, if they are quoting on delivery to a trucking terminal, then it can't be compared to the cost of having it delivered to your house).  Lower price will only be offered based on the commitment of an order, so as not to create a bidding war.  If you do not plan on committing to placing an order, then please do not forward our competitors quote.

Offer can not be applied to orders currently in the system or for previous orders.

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