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Contractor Program

All contractors and builders will receive 10% off the website price.  You will also be registered for the contractor rewards program, where you can earn up to an additional 10% back in rewards for your repeat business.

Simply e-mail your EIN# or Contractor License number to steve@kitchencabinetsforless.com. 

Contractors and Builders make up a large portion of our day-to-day business. We understand the challenges that contractors and builders face in the current housing market.  With home building at an all time low, and bids for jobs being more competitive than ever, you are constantly looking for ways to reduce the overall cost of a project without sacrificing the quality of the materials or the work that is being performed.  Luckily we have a large customer base of contractors and builders that have figured out they can still offer a quality line of kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities by using our RTA cabinets and cut some cost out of their jobs.

To reward our loyal customer base of contractors who give us all their business, we have implemented a rewards program, much like a creit card, airline, or hotel program except this is CASH to your bottom line!

How does the Contractor/Builder rewards program work?

It is really a simple plan that rewards contractors for doing business with us. It is based on the calender year (starting January 1st and running right up to December 31st). When you register on the site we can give you a specific coupon code. Each time you place a cabinet order it gets added to your total for the year. At the end of the year if you reach certain levels you get cash back or credit towards future orders (your choice!). The rewards would be based on the following sales levels:

At $15,000 in a year you would receive a 5% reward
At $30,000 in a year you would receive a 7% reward
At $50,000+ in a year you would receive a 10% reward

For a builder that is building a new apartment complex or a contractor that is renovating a housing development, it is easy to hit the 10% reward. That would be $5,000 right back in your pocket!

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