Sometimes just a few minor touches in a home can make a space seem warm and inviting overall. Today, homeowners often see the kitchen as a gathering space for friends and family and in many cases, the home will be designed with an open floor plan so that the kitchen flows right into the dining room or family room. Choosing marquis cinnamon kitchen cabinets is a good way to keep this space warm and cozy without making it dark and overwhelming.

There are a few reasons why marquis cinnamon kitchen cabinets are a good choice when you want some warmth in your kitchen but don't want to go too dark. The color is just spicy enough to add that punch of personality in your space; the cinnamon is a neutral brown shade whereas the marquis gives it some rich, red undertones. This means you're not getting cherry or mahogany cabinets which may be too dark, but aren't getting light oak cabinets which may seem too casual.

The marquis cinnamon kitchen cabinets are also very easy to coordinate with other surfaces in your home so you don't typically need to worry about your shade of granite on the countertops or floor tiles either. Warm and dark browns can help the cabinets to stand out whereas lighter colors will keep the room cool and bright and airy.

It's also very easy to accessorize with marquis cinnamon kitchen cabinets; you can choose warmer shades of cinnamon for artwork and other pieces and also find items like clear glass or shades of autumn in your accessories. Because the color is so neutral and yet so warm, it's not difficult to find what you need to make your space warm and inviting and cozy and relaxing for everyone in the family.

Although our Marquis Cinnamon kitchen cabinets have been a fan favorite since the beginning, make sure you check out all the rest of our new kitchen cabinet styles as well!