The Ginger Maple Collection is one of the more recently developed lines of cabinetry, and one with plenty of subdued elegance. The warm maple tones of the finish highlight the natural color of the wood, perfect for anyone who wants the natural beauty of the materials to shine through. Another distinctive feature of this line of cabinetry is a Roman arch design feature to the upper cabinet doors that gives a sense of height and elegance to the kitchen.

The Ginger Maple kitchen cabinets come in an array of functional units, making it possible to give your kitchen a unified, complete look. Units include single door and double door options for both wall and base cabinets, sink cabinets and oven cabinets, triple drawer cabinets, horizontal upper cabinets, and more unique units such as angled corner pieces. Because durability is a necessary facet of a feature that so impacts the overall value of the home, RTA manufactures the Ginger Maple Collection out of solid maple for all facing pieces, cabinet doors, and rails. All side pieces are manufactured from solid plywood, which unlike the particle board that many companies use, will not sag or give way over time. The doors feature a raised panel (with the Roman arch on the upper cabinets) with molded sides and hidden European style hinges for a smooth and sleek aesthetic. The cabinets are shipped with all pieces for each unit included in a box, with the only item necessary to complete the assembly being a screwdriver. With unique cam-lock connectors, assembly is as easy as placing the pieces in the correct position, and then tightening connections with the screwdriver.

The Ginger Maple Collection is perfect for homeowners who value a nice contrast in their kitchen design. The warm maple tones to the wood can be adapted to almost any aesthetic. Modern design enthusiasts can make the kitchen a bolder color, because the cabinets can balance color so well. In terms of countertops, granite with dark veins or deep hues will offset the maple of the cabinets nicely. Modern designers may also choose colorful back splashes, or even metal tiling, to offset the cabinetry. For a more timeless or formal look, choose neutral glass tiling. For a contemporary formal look, choose contrasting features such as dark appliances. Dark wood floors also look wonderful with the Maple Ginger Collection.