The Brandywine Collection is a popular choice with an appealing and unique color to the finish. It has a deep and luxurious color that makes it a unique selection among the cabinetry that RTA offers. Other distinctive features of this particular line of cabinetry include raised accents of trim, elegantly mitered doors, and drawers with a smooth and soft closing action.

Brandywine kitchen cabinets come in a variety of units, including single door wall cabinets, double door wall cabinets, single door base cabinets, double door base cabinets, three drawer base cabinets, sink cabinets, horizontal wall cabinets, pantry units, oven units, and unique cabinets, such as angled corner units. Unlike many prefabricated cabinetry companies, RTA manufactures their Brandywine cabinets out of no particle board. All doors, rails, and face areas are made from solid maple wood. Sides are made from solid pieces of plywood for strength. The hinges on the cabinets are of the European hidden variety, making for a nice clean aesthetic in the kitchen. The cabinets are shipped with all pieces for each unit included in a box, with the only item necessary to complete the assembly being a screwdriver. With unique cam-lock connectors, assembly is as easy as placing the pieces in the correct position, and then tightening connections with the screwdriver.

Though the Brandywine Collection has a very elegant style, it is suitable for almost every kitchen. The elegance does not mean that the setting needs to be formal. Rather, it refers to an understated and classic design. The collection is adaptable to almost any style. It can be incorporated into a luxurious kitchen, or dressed down by a farmhouse table for a country chic look. With the simple inclusion of a glass tile backsplash, it can be incorporated as part of a sleek modern design.