Thousands upon thousands of people a month go to either Ikea, Home Depot or Lowe's to purchase their new kitchen cabinets for the kitchen remodel or their new kitchen construction.  Don't get me wrong, I am at one of these three big box stores at least a couple times a week because they are amazing suppliers of certain products but one of those products are not kitchen cabinets.  Even if you are just looking for basic cabinets for a rental unit, you still want to get good quality cabinets so they last your for years to come so you won't have to replace your kitchen cabinets again for a very long time unless you have a caveman for a tenant but even then you should be fine.

I'm a figures person, so I like to compare prices to see what I'm actually saving or not saving.  When comparing Ikea cabinets to my RTA kitchen cabinets, there was no competition.  The same kitchen that I used my RTA cabinets in got quoted over $1,000 more than what I spent!  You are probably saying to yourself ok... congratulations.  Well here's the catch...

Ikea kitchen cabinets are not all wood cabinets.  The majority of their cabinet front doors are solid wood, hence the most expensive part of the cabinet,  but the rest of it (sides, bottom, rear and top) are entirely made of particle board.  There are so many negative characteristics of particle board that I will right a seperate article on that soon enough.  Let's just say for now it doesn't hold up very well at all, especially when it comes to water and moisture which is found in great amounts in a kitchen.

To make a long story short, RTA kitchen cabinets are made entirely of real solid wood.  There is no particle board used and it is a very solid construction that will last you a lifetime.  So not only are you saving thousands of dollars but you are also getting 100% better quality cabinets as well.

For a free quote on RTA kitchen cabinets, e-mail with your desired style as well as the sizes you need and/or a layout and he will reply as soon as possible.  Better yet, if you have a layout that you already have made with Ikea or Lowe's or Home Depot, which all use particle board as well, I would be more than happy to quote that same kitchen so you can see the great savings that are available with using RTA kitchen cabinets.