There really is no better way to go other than to shop online for RTA kitchen cabinets when you are looking to remodel your old and outdated kitchen. Then we, RTA Kitchen Cabinets For Less, take this experience two steps further.

1. We are a direct importer of RTA kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities which means there is no room for price inflation and we only mark up our cabinets so much so that we can guarantee  that we have the lowest prices in our styles of RTA cabinets.

2. We always have some type of promotional code where you can save even more on these all real wood kitchen cabinets that will last you for years to come. So not only do we guarantee you the lowest price but we decide to give you discounts that basically accumulate to free shipping.

If you are not familiar with RTA or ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinets, they come in parts that you install with a simple patented cam lock system that only needs a screwdriver. Some people may be worried about this step in the process but if you can use a screwdriver you can assemble these all real wood kitchen cabinets. I know I have said all real wood kitchen cabinets twice now and some people don't believe us at first because our prices are so low but we do not use any particle board at all in any of our cabinets.

To offer even more of an incentive to go with our RTA cabinets, I would just like to point out all of the accessories that we have available for each and every style. Just to name a few we have island panels, end panels, refrigerator panels, toe kicks, base board, filler strips, decorative pieces and the list goes on. This means not only do you get great all real wood kitchen cabinets for a price you didn't think existed, you can even give your kitchen that custom look with all of our great options.